Thursday, June 11, 2009

OuR aRiZoNa VaCaTiOn!!!

It only took me 6 months...but I have finally returned to the blog! I do not even have a single good excuse for not posting the last few months...but I am back!

We had the best vacation last week! We loaded up the car and drove to Mesa, AZ! It was definitely worth the 20 hour drive to arrive at The Mannings!!! We haven't seen each other in three years - so it was so great to be reunited!
We saw Greg's office - and had our teeth cleaned and fixed... (only one of us had a cavity and it is not the author of this post...)
We swam and played games...
We shopped...
The boys golfed...
We also were able to see the Nielsons and the Schmids and it was great to catch up with lots of Ohio friends...
Mostly we just hung out and laughed!!! It was a total ...wait for it ... blast!
We had so much fun while we were there that we didn't take a single picture! (in Mesa)
On Thursday morning we headed north to Eagar and Springerville for the Sherwood (devon's mom's family) Family Reunion!
Chad and Jen and their girls came from Utah and it was so great to see them! Cousins are the greatest! The kids played and played and played!
The reunion was super fun! It was really great to see so many aunts, uncles, and cousins!
I did get some pictures at the reunion - and Greg and Kort came up to hang out with us too! Aunt Marla's family had so many fun activities. The kids especially loved the carnival on Saturday morning. There was even an obstacle course with an awesome rope walk. I was surprised to look over and see Hadley going across - with no fear! It was awesome! All the kids did it! I finally got brave enough to try... I went pretty slow and my hands were sweating the entire time - (I get my love of heights from my dad!) I was the most proud of Devon's mom - she did the entire obstacle course - and rocked it! Go Mom!!

Saying goodbye was the worst - after saying goodbye to the Mannings and Chad and Jen - Hadley told me she didn't want to say goodbye to anyone else! I was in total agreement with her!

We had such a great vacation! It was really fun to see so many people that we love! Thanks to everyone!

Here are some pictures from our trip! (I got some new photo software...can you tell...)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SnOw DaYs!!

We have had snow, ice, and sleet over the last few days! It started on Monday afternoon - school was cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday, and just recently Thursday!
We rented Prince Caspian on Tuesday night and had a family movie night! Cayden has really been wanting to see Prince Caspian and he loved it! I think he watched it two more times before we took it back to the red box.
Today...Devon and Brandon took the kids and went sledding! It looked and sounded like they had a great time! When the twins heard before they went to bed that school was cancelled for tomorrow - they were excited to go sledding again!
We have been lucky this storm! The ice has been very minimal in our area- we mostly had snow and sleet. I was pretty surprised that school is cancelled tomorrow... the roads were mostly all cleared today.
It has been freezing cold! The temperature hasn't gotten much above 25 degrees! I heard that it is not supposed to be above freezing until Friday or Saturday! Super Fun!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rock Band

Ok - I have figured out why people that sell "gaming systems" make so much money - take rock band...for example... it allows every person the opportunity to "be" in a rock band - you don't have to be able to sing, play the guitar, or the drums...just get a group of four people and rock out! We are a tiny bit ADDICTED to rocking out! Here are a few pictures and video clips to help you see what I mean! If you have not yet played this will love it!

Here is a very short clip - I thought I was still recording - but I must have stopped the recording - but you still get the idea

This is probably the all time greatest rock band drumming clip you will ever see... I know that you are all expecting to see Devon - since he is an actual drummer - but get ready to be awed! And by the way - you cannot see them... but it is Casie and Carlyn singing!

HaPpY 2009!!

So... I have been marathon posting! The twins are back in school and it feels like we are in a more normal state of life. Since it is Tuesday night...Devon is playing basketball and I have spent the entire night uploading Christmas pictures and updating the blog. We had a really great Christmas break. (you can read through all the other posts if you want to...) I am very excited for the new year. It is funny how one day changing on the calendar creates such excitement. I love making new resolutions and thinking about all the things that will happen in a new year. I like thinking about birthdays and anniversaries - this year will be 10 years that Devon and I have been married! But mostly I like thinking that I will actually be able to accomplish some of the new goals that I have set for myself - that I can grow and become a little bit better of a person in 2009 than I was in 2008!

cHrIsTmAs DaY

We had such a fun Christmas morning. I loved watching the kids faces when they opened each present. I think one of the best parts was how excited they were for people to open their gifts. Their school had a little Santa shop - so they bought presents for each person in our family. Hadley picked out the greatest present for Devon. She found a little purple picture the top in jewels it said - Diva - we were all cracking up. A few days later - I asked Had what made her pick out that present and she told me... because it almost said Devon! I thought that was so sweet!

The twins were very excited about the wii - the especially liked boxing - they got really into it!
here are Maren and Kurt rocking out!

Christmas Eve...

I think that I love Christmas Eve as much as Christmas morning. I love watching the excitement build for the twins. This year was super fun! My sister, Maren, and her family came and spent the week with us from San Antonio. I felt really bad for them...they left the 80 degree weather of Texas to the 7 degree weather of Willard! It didn't get that much warmer the rest of the week...but they still acted like they had fun hanging out with us!

We had dinner and hung out at Devon's mom and dad's house. Granddad read the Christmas story and the kids interacted with the story. They paid their "taxes", found shepherd crooks (candy canes) and searched for a star...
Grammy always gets the cousins matching Christmas pj's... and this year she had them hanging up so cute!

Here they are lined up in front of their new pj's!

Here are some pictures of the cousins together...

the girls...(hadley's pants were the wrong size in the package...she was so great and wore her pink sweats)
the boys...

When we got home...Hadley and Cayden sprinkled the grass with reindeer food before bed...

When we were getting ready to say prayers...the twins saw Santa walk across the front yard. They were excited... and a little nervous also! Hadley was so worried that because they were awake - Santa would not leave any presents. We had to keep reassuring her that he would come back as soon as she was asleep!

Here is the tree before we went to is my favorite part of Christmas eve...having the tree lights on and watching "A Christmas Carol" (the one with George C. Scott only) and "It's a Wonderful Life"... aren't we cute in our matching pj's?!?!


At the ward Christmas Party...Santa made a guest appearance! The twins were very excited to see and talk to Santa. Cayden told him that he wanted a black and grey watch... and Hadley asked for a cell phone (yeah, right!) and an "nbc" (mp3) player! Barrett - as you can see in the picture - just wanted to get down! We really, really, really love this Santa!